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The plans are the work of the Haitian Henry Barré, but it is probable that General Christophe played the preponderant role in their formulation.

The Citadelle Henry, covering an area of about one hectare, is a vast quadrilateral comprising four buildings protected by four flanking towers built around a central courtyard, and forming on several levels a bastioned front of batteries and barracks.

On 1 January 1804, after fourteen years of struggle by the island’s black slaves against the colonists, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the principal leader of the revolution, proclaimed the independent Republic of Haiti.Het paleis van Sans Souci, de gebouwen in Ramiers en in het bijzonder de Citadel dienen als universele symbolen van vrijheid.Het zijn namelijk de eerste monumenten gebouwd door zwarte slaven toen ze hun vrijheid hadden teruggewonnen.At the death of Dessalines, in 1806, the Republic of Haiti was divided into separate states : the southern part, governed by Pétion, and the north, where Christophe proclaimed himself king in 1811.The Citadelle Henry, originally conceived as a monument to the defence of liberty, was maintained as a fortress by the despot and was inaugurated in 1813.

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