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  1. Color was applied over the underpainting only when it was thoroughly dry. Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio In this unfinished painting, the angle has been underpainted in monochrome browns while the color has begun to be roughed in the early stages of the working-up stage.

  2. Reversing the process, Bernie Rico changed his guitar name to B. Since he was riding a lot of motorcycles with fancy paint jobs at the time, this made sense. Rico had gotten on the electric freeway and there was no looking back! Gibson “copies” and the Seagull In 1969 Rico began his first attempts at guitar production with ten Gibson EB-3 bass copies, with arched tops and fancy inlays and ten matching Les Paul guitars. Rich guitars designed by Rico was the Seagull guitar and bass, which debuted in 1972. The rounded upper bout featured a little point about mid-way on the bass side (reminiscent of the early Carvin designs from the late ’50s and early ’60s), while the cutaway horn had a typically dramatic downward turn to it. Neck-through construction was used on most Seagulls and other models throughout the ’70s and early ’80s, although not exclusively: some bolt-necks were also built, but these were in the minority. In some ways, this is an extension of the idea of a lute, which typically had paired courses except for the first string or “chantarelle,” which was used to carry single-string melodies. As Rico puts it, “All the guys working for me had ideas; we just kind of laid them out and made them. At least some of these had necks and bodies which were made by Wayne Charvel, who was in the parts business at the time. The necks would then undergo a final shaping to Rico’s design, and then be fitted to the bodies. Soon other models began to appear with the new design, including the late 1982 Eagle shown here. Rather than replace him, the decision was made to cease acoustic production. Production Series announced in the 1984 catalog included the Mockingbird Tremelo, Stealth Tremelo, Warlock Tremelo and Ironbird Tremelo. “These were the first guitars I had ever made where I sat down and calculated everything to the max,” says Rico, “these guitars were designed as if price was no object. Di Marzio came up with a proprietary pickup design for me, including a very neat vintage single coil.” About 225 of these Mason Bernard guitars were made between 1990 and the middle of 1991. The Eagle line was represented by the Eagle Arch Top, Arch Top Tremolo and Eagle bass. Rich neck-through guitars is relatively easy, although slightly imprecise by the ’80s. These consecutive numbers probably ran up to around 340 or 360, as Rico recalls. Throughout the ’70s, production numbers were low enough that the serial numbers pretty much reflect the year of manufacture.