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Regina king dating outside race

In addition, in the course of compiling this document, some inconsistencies with primary source documentation were observed and corrected.Some further sources to consult, which were available to Rdt-Collenberg, include the Codex Borgia Kirakos Ganjaketsi's History of Armenia records that "Smbat" succeeded as marzpan of Armenia after the death of "Ashot Bagratuni" and ruled for 22 years, but does not mention any family relationship between them, daughter of SAMUEL [II] Prince of Mamikonian & his wife --- ([740]-).Various leaders emerged in different parts of the territory, notably Philaretus who controlled the area between Antioch and Melitene, and the local lords in Edessa and Melitene itself.

The title "King of Armenia" continued to be used by the kings of Cyprus, who were also titular kings of Jerusalem.The versions of these works which have been consulted in the preparation of the present document are primarily the English translations made by Robert Bedrosian which are freely available on the web, the latter omitting many of the genealogical details concerning the king's family.References from other contemporary primary sources which report events in the crusader states in the Levant, available in the RHC series, also deal with Cilician Armenia and have been incorporated into this document. Although his research is thorough, the author's rather eccentric method of citation of source material makes it a difficult work to appreciate fully.In 1199, Lewon II Lord of the Mountains was crowned as king of Armenia, after receiving royal crowns from the Pope, as a reward for helping the German crusading army earlier in the decade, and from the Byzantine emperor (Chapter 2. The Rupinid dynasty was replaced by the Hethumid kings of Cilician Armenia in 1226 (Chapter 3).In the 13th century, Cilician Armenia was raided by the Egyptian Mameluks, the Turkmen and the Kurds.

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The right to the title eventually passed to the dukes of Savoy, descendants of Charlotte of Cyprus who married Louis Duke of Savoy in 1434.

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