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Lezbo i animal price

She was smart all right, she'd waited until she thought I'd gone before making any noise.

A good idea spoiled only by the tiny amount of noise she could make.

Quin 1995-1996 [email protected]***************************************************************** Captured Caroline. by Quin ====================== Prologue: Just a Quiet Burger (M/f, NC, B&D) ============================= As I neared the state border I turned off the highway and towards the golden arches of an all night Mc Donalds.

When I'd planned the route the month before this had seemed the best place to stop, food bought from here would still be warm when I parked up to change the plates.

I have to confess that threw me at first, but from conversations between him and the staff it appeared he stopped off here every night after his shift. I got them to refill my coffee flask for `later' and took a coke and the quarter pounders they had left as I didn't want to wait around for them to cook my order.I suppose every man who has ever been lead on by a woman harbors certain fantasies, any guy with a female boss, any guy stood up or embarrassed or humiliated.What I suppose made me different from "any guy" was that I had been provided with the means, both financially and practically to carry out those fantasies and make them real.Then out of the blue she called everything off, the next time I saw her was in a tabloid escorting some baseball star to the Grammies.When she finally answered my calls she as good as told me that I was just a fashion accessory, that literary men had been a feature of the Fall season and that now that Spring was here she and her friends preferred more "physical" escorts.

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All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.