Jo de la rosa and lucas still dating

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Jo de la rosa and lucas still dating

real housewives of orange county alum jo de la rosa is looking for love, and has enlisted the help of ex-husband slade scene–and her ex is coming along for the ride.For fans of The Housewives of Orange County, last we saw of Jo, she was grooming to be a 'Housewife' to fianc Slade Smiley--that was before the two headed down splitsville.whoops, slade is sitting right behind her and overhears the whole thing.

Jo De La Rosa: My Life After the Real Housewives | The Daily Dish but that wasn’t the end of jo & slade, oh no, it was just the beginning of another reality show: jo & slade: date my ex.Emma appears to be very likable among her peers and can easily make friends.It is for this that she is among the most popular kids at her school. She has long blonde hair that falls past her shoulders. She is very much into fashion and wears the latest trends, which are usually bright colors and girly.For most of season 1-3, her hair was straight and she rarely curled it or put it up. On occasion, she wears a skirt or dress but tends to stick to jeans.As of season 4, she begins to curl her hair, adding body and bounce to it. Her regular choices of shoes are usually flats but sometimes can be seen wearing heels.

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rossi & slade smiley on caitlyn jenner getting paid 5 times more then bruce jenner.’ definition (helpfully provided by slade): certain things that are obvious to the common folk that escape jo “because she’s from peru.