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Inter x novo hamburgo online dating

When the settlement of other Europeans in Brazil began, the Germans had already been living there for many generations.Another factor was the high birth rates among German Brazilians.One year later, 200 families settled São Jorge, in the same state.Some Germans were brought to work in the Brazilian army after Independence from Portugal in 1822.Between 18, another 7 million Germans left Germany; after the 1870s Germany was one of the countries from which the largest numbers of people emigrated, the vast majority to the United States.

The interior was covered by forests and sparsely populated by different groups of natives Amerindians.

Research has found that between 18 a first-generation German Brazilian woman had an average of 8.5 children, and the second generation had an average of 10.4 children per woman.

Birth rates among German Brazilian women were higher than those of other Brazilian women, resulting in faster growth of the population of German origin than of the population of non-German origin and a rapid increase in the population of German origin in the country.

Blumenau, a colony which was settled by the Germans over fifty years ago, more than doubles itself every ten years.

Southern Brazil is now called ‘Greater Germany’, and the Germans exercise there a commercial and financial supremacy." Even though the population of German descent makes up a small minority in Brazil, they represent a very large percentage of the population of the South.

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German immigration to Brazil was small compared to the numbers who went to the United States, and also compared to immigration of other nationalities, such as Portuguese, Italians and Spaniards, who together made up over 80% of the immigrants to Brazil during the period of greatest immigration by Europeans.

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