Gradual updating the used equipmen

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Gradual updating the used equipmen

Projected 10-Year Cost Increase for Software/Web/Audiovisual Media Evaluation Table 30.

Projected 10-Year Cost Increase for Section 508-Compliant Document Creation for Federal Employees With Current Compliance Responsibilities Table 31.

Introduction: Update of the Section 508 Standards and the Section 255 Guidelines 2. Sections 501 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 4.

Projected 10-Year Cost Increase for Current Federal Employee Training Table 25.Benefits for Citizens and Other Residents With Disabilities 6.4. Benefits From Increased Availability of Accessible Telecommunications Products, Documentation, and Support Services 6.6. Factors Affecting Telecommunications Manufacturer Costs to Comply With the Section 255 Guidelines 9. Area 1: Applying WCAG 2.0 to Software and Applications 9.2. Summary of Monetized and Unquantified Incremental Costs of the Final Rule 11.Area 2: Accessibility Features Within Software Applications and Operating Systems 9.3. Conclusion Appendix A: ICT Accessibility Standards Appendix B: Data on People With Disabilities Appendix C: 2012 DOJ Report on Section 508 Compliance Rates and Expenditures Appendix D: Data on Affected Entities, Products, Services, and Employees Appendix E: Annual Estimates of Monetized Incremental Benefits and Costs End Notes Table ES-1 Annualized Value of Monetized Incremental Benefits and Costs, 2018–2027 (Millions of 2017 Dollars) Table ES-2 Unquantified Benefits of the Final Rule Table ES-3 Unquantified Costs of the Final Rule Table 1.Current Standards and Guidelines to Ensure Equal Access to ICT for People With Disabilities 3.1. Need for Revision of Current Standards and Guidelines 4.2. Baseline Cost Estimates for Complying With Current Section 255 Guidelines 7.4.WCAG 2.0 and Other Revised Accessibility Standards: What Will Be Required? ICT Content, Applications, and Equipment: What Will Be Covered? Major New Requirement Areas in the Revised Standards and Guidelines 4.5. Summary of Baseline Section 508 and Section 255 Compliance Costs 8. Area 8: User Controls for Captions and Video Description 9.9. Section 255 Electronic Documentation and Support Costs 10. Federal Agency Incremental Costs for In-House ICT 10.2.

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