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The checklist pages also provide space for notes and other key information.The checklist is designed to prompt the user to check key features by asking questions about sizes, sloped surfaces, and availability of accessible features; and in some areas, it suggests alternatives if a physical barrier is identified.If possible, take an identifying “location” photograph that shows the name of the facility and the address so that other photographs can be identified correctly.

On the day of the survey, it is helpful to first become familiar with certain areas before starting to record information.

One of the most important roles of State and local government is to protect people from harm, including helping people obtain food and shelter in major emergencies.

When disasters occur, people are often provided safe refuge in temporary shelters located in schools, office buildings, tents, or other facilities.

To help identify older buildings that may be good candidates to become accessible shelters, a copy of the Accessible Shelter Quick-Check Survey is provided on page 7.

After completing the Quick-Check Survey, if you have checked “Yes” for most of the questions on the forms, you should conduct a full accessibility survey using the ADA Checklist for Emergency Shelters.

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It is usually described as: The easiest way to measure slope is to use a digital level.