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Posted by / 06-Oct-2017 08:36

Many of these apartment brothels will be in either Pechersk or around Pobedi Prospekt.Near the Pechersk Station is probably your best option.The girls also have read online about how much pros in other nearby countries make and don’t want to be considered cheap.Many of the hottest Ukrainian hookers now go to other countries and make a killing.Years ago the prices were much cheaper, and even though the local economy is in the toilet the price of sex has gone up.That is for a few reasons, one is more tourists and expats have been going to Kiev paying the girls more and more money.

Lots of hookers will now rent out apartments together and then use them as their office of sorts.Then the guy will come up and pick the sexy Ukrianian lady that he wants out of the 4 or 6 girls working depending on the time.If you are lucky there might be some very hot college aged girls and if you pick the right ones you will be very impressed by the quality.Never trust the pics you see advertised on an escort site, ask them to send you current pics on Whatsapp.Also make it clear that if the girl isn’t the same as her pictures you will not go through with it.

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