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Botolph, a widow, about 40 years old, on 9 February 1660 at Saint Gregory by Saint Paul, London.While originally dating back to circa 1000, the church was rebuilt in 1791. Their children were, (18) Elizabeth Hisham, who was christened on 31 August 1621 at St Bride Fleet St., London, England.- from "Allegations for Marriage Licences Issued by the Vicar-Genera' of the Archbishop of Canterbury" in "Publications of the Harleian Society." (17) Roberte Hisham (c1590) Or Hisam. The church, just off Fleet street by Ludgate Circus, is famous for its wedding cake tower. (18) Marye Hisam, who was christened on 4 August 1622 at St Bride Fleet St., London, England.(18) Robert Heesum (c1630) Perhaps a son of the above. Being very sick and weak in body but of sound and disposessing mind and memory praised be God Doe make and ordaine this my Last Will and Testament in manner following.It also incorporates the private grounds of three large houses: Combe Lodge, Oak Hill House and Heysham House, below. The Lord Mayor of London in 1575 was Ambrose Nicholas, salter. At the head of them were the four esquires of the Lord Mayor, of whom the Swordbearer was the senior.

A book published in London in 1786, "An Essay Intended to Establish a Standard for an Universal System of Stenography" by Samuel Taylor, was subscribed by a Mr. Other subscribers included, beside the usual raft of Lords, a large number of attorney's. ] And also all and every other Sum or Sums of money to me at the time of my decease any wise due and owing to me on Bond or Bonds or otherwise howsoever And desire that out of it She my said wife would defray the Charges of turning over my apprentice Roger Cutler to as good a Master as She can procure as far as ten pounds with said money She shall have in her hands towards the same and not to be put into the hands of the ffather of my apprentice nor shall She be any ways lyable to pay the same to him or any other person whatsoever but to the said Master which She shall procure but if the ffather of my said apprentice or any person or persons in his stead will not Admit of the Master (or person) which my said wife shall procure to turn him over to that then [? Sod Richd Hadloe" "This Will was proved at London the twelfth day of February in the year of Our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and thirty nine before the Worshipful William Stahan Doctor of Laws Surrogate of the Right Worshipfull John Bettesworth Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted By the oath of Ann Heysham the Widow Relict and Sole Executrix named in the said Will to whom Adminstration was granted of all and Singular the Goods Chattells and Creditts of the said deceased being Sworn duly to administer." Eton Eton is situated on the north bank of the Thames, and is connected with Windsor by a bridge across that river.Stanwell is just south of today's Heathrow airport, between London and Windsor. "5 October, 8 Charles I.--True Bill that, whereas at Stanwell co. on the said day, Thomas Heysem alias Delbridge, William Butcher and William Wood, all three of Stanwell aforesaid labourers, stole nyne and a halfe yardes of damaske worth ninety shillings, together with other things set forth in the indictment, of the goods and chattels of Thomas Ayer gentleman, Hugh Strideup late of Oldebrainford co. yoman and his wife Alice Strideup and Thomas Bevin late of Hownsloe taylor on the next day, viz. R., 20 Feb., 8 Charles I." - from "Middlesex County Records" (16) Elizabeth Hesem (c1570) She married Richard Carter on 16 February 1594 at Saint Helen Bishopsgate, London, England.6th Oct., knowing him to have perpetrated the said felony received haboured and comforted the said Thomas Heysem. The church, located on Bishopsgate road just inside the wall, dates from 1210.It has been said that "The bright and easily-produced tones yielded by the Stainer model, soon made it popular in England, and the London makers vied with each other in reproducing it." - from "A Dictionary of Music and Musicians: (A. 1450-1880)" by John Alexander Fuller-Maitland, George Grove. John Heysham and William Cranwell, tithingmen, vice Michael Bernard and Thomas Pritty. The town of Ringwood lies within Southampton and soutwestern Hampshire, on the border with Dorset to the west, and contains the villages of Bransgore, Burley, Ellingham, Harbridge and Ibsley.A least one Edward Heesom violin is in use today by Benedict Cruft, Dean of the School of Music at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts as of 2003. It is on the border of the New Forest, on the east bank of the Avon river.

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Sounds like Elizabeth and Daniel had a last minute wedding. This Will was proved at London on the seventeenth day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundrend and forty three . Edward Heesom, Violin-Maker An Edward Heesom of London was a violin maker in 1748-50. Midsummer Session at Aylesbury, 15th July, 1731 [5 George II] . Tower Hamlets is in the east of the city and north of the Thames and Mile End New Town is an area within the borough of Tower Hamlets. (16) Honor Haysome (c1580) She married John Budden on 8 November 1608 in Ringwood, Hampshire, England.

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