Easy dating rpgs

Posted by / 30-Nov-2017 19:55

Easy dating rpgs

I know the game got several complaints about the writing (especially on Steam) but I don’t want to talk about the writing quality itself but my own mistakes.

First of all, doing a new game genre like a crafing/sim game, and having the story written BEFORE the gameplay.

I might try it again with other games but depends how quickly/cheaply it can be done. As very often happens, some projects remains are there, unnoticed, slowly making progress in silence, I even forget about them, until one day I check all the writing already done and I’m like “DOH! ” and then I start working on it full-speed (also because I don’t like to stay idle as you guessed).

The game is in beta and so far people seems to love it, even if of course it’s still early days.

I didn’t finish Love Bites, but at least it’s half done.

And even if it’s not finished, Cursed Lands it’s at good point and I’ve personally invested at least six months of time on it (only the character creation phase with the custom portrait generator took me over a month to code).

It’s a tradition and I don’t want to stop doing it 🙂 Let’s start from what I posted earlier this year, my goals for 2017.

What went bad Well, I did release Amber’s Magic Shop.

The game should be finished by Fall of this year, even considering long time to do balancing, etc.

Of course two games already in progress (Love Bites and Cursed Lands) should really be finished this year, plus some more possibilities: – I don’t know exactly when it will be out, because with RPGs is really hard to set a good estimate release.

Considering how went in the past years, this time I’ll try to be more realistic.

I decided though, thanks to my time spent playing-ahem, doing research with Destiny 2, to display in the inventory a big number for the item “power”, and the damage type/rarity and finally level.

This way players can find the desired weapon more quickly and with less clicks than my other RPGs!

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It’s also a very different game from my usual ones, so I’m curious to see how people will react to it. The main thing will be to get back writing one game a year myself with help of an editor.