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Julian (husband)Manny (father) Ellie (mother) Crash (adoptive uncle) Eddie (adoptive uncle) Manny's first child (half-brother) (deceased)Mother Opossum (adoptive grandmother)Ellie's grandmother (adoptive great grandmother)Wilton (adoptive second uncle) Peaches was a young mammoth who lived with a herd that consisted of various other kinds of animals, all brought together out of care for one another.

She is a minor character in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and the deuteragonist of Ice Age: Continental Drift and Ice Age: Collision Course.

A few years later, she ends up being engaged to a young mammoth named Julian and plans to venture off, leaving home, which panics and worried her parents.

As a mammoth raised with customs typical to both mammoths and possums, Peaches was, in her younger years, impressionable and wide-eyed, this giving way to her later disposition as a young adult mammoth filled with a sense of adventure and excitement, always on the lookout for some new and exciting adventure, much to her father's dismay, who believed that she was not yet ready to venture off anywhere on her own.

Peaches excitedly agreed, even when Ethan told her to "ditch the molehog." Not even Ellie's advice about not letting a boy change her affected her mood.

The next day, Peaches joined the group as they split off from the other animals to explore a cave.

She talked to Ellie about her mistake, and her mother assured her that she would find a way to "make things right." It was then that they finally arrived at the land bridge, only to find it destroyed.

Ellie kept Peaches safe while the others dealt with Rudy.

On her arrival at the surface, a snowflake falls from the sky and Peaches decides to vacuum up it with her proboscis, that makes her sneezing, Peaches was amazed at the snow around her, playing in it with her uncles.

Sid was dropped into the scene and marveled at the new baby, initially thinking that Peaches was a boy, but when Diego pointed out that what Sid was seeing was actually the baby's tail, Sid corrected himself, and remarked that Peaches looked just like Ellie, while lamenting that his own children, three adopted tyrannosaurus, weren't with him.

The herd left the Plates, led by Buck, who guided them back to the entrance of the Dinosaur World, when an immense baryonyx emerged from the entrance, Buck greeting the beast as "Rudy".

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Well into her formative years, Peaches grew up with both the personal traits of a mammoth and of a possum, walking on the ground at times and swinging in tree branches at others.

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