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On Tuesday, the first day I set up my Garmin Vivoactive (9), I assumed I'd be recharging it come Friday afternoon.

I had plans for this mighty little wristwatch activity tracker, after all.

I would use its built-in GPS to record outdoor runs, let it monitor my tossing and turning each night while I slept, and feel its vibrations every time it received a notification from my smartphone.

It also vibrated every so often to remind me to move.

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If you're training for an ultramarathon, know that in GPS mode, the Vivoactive will only last 10 hours.Regular sites: Please Note : Due to more than 500 submissions we get every day, it may take about 1-2 months for us to review regular website links to be listed.Reciprocal Links: Time for review for Reciprocal links are about 1-2 weeks.First, you can buy the tracker on its own or pair it with a Garmin chest strap heart rate monitor for a bundled price of 9.Second, it comes in black or white, and that color is for both the casing and the included wrist straps.

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