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Dating devotional bible study

To help facilitate this goal of knowing God better (John 17:3) and growing more like his Son (2Peter -note), be alert for the "periodic pit stops" which we call - these junctures will give you an opportunity to practice what you are reading and this in turn will help you to "internalize" what you are reading and will increase your retention and your confidence to apply these techniques in your daily time with God in His Word.As you become more comfortable with these techniques, you will increasingly experience the joy of self discovery of precious nuggets of Truth.The Bible is not men's truth but God's special revelation of Truth. All of us in reading some current book have wished the author were present to answer and explain some things, but this is rarely possible.We must always begin by conversing with the Author, beseeching Him to open the eyes of our heart to see, understand (put together the pieces so to speak) and illuminate His supernatural "love letter" to us (see Col 1:9, 10, 11f-notes, Ps 15-note, Ep - note; Ep , 19-note). Amazing as it seems, this is possible when reading the Bible." Spurgeon comments: Open thou mine eyes.Is not this the approach we should take to "the letter" called the Bible written by the One Who "demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us" (Ro 5:8-note)?(aorist imperative) the deeds you did at first or else I am coming to you, and will remove your lampstand out of its place-- unless you repent." (Re 2:4-note; Re 2:5-note) TWO PREREQUISITES - For Productive Inductive Bible Study Martin Luther whom God used to return His church to a Sola Scriptura approach (only the Scriptures) which birthed the Reformation, described what in essence is an inductive approach to Bible study when he said... First, I shake the whole tree that the ripest might fall .

To take an analogy from life, it's hard to go fishing unless you've got the proper gear.Do not always read your Bible because you like to do so, or desire it, but because it is right to do it, and as a matter of simple duty to your own life.Study the Word under the light of the Holy Spirit, as the ancient saint, when blindness was setting in, was wont to carry his Bible to the window, and place the open page in the full beams of the western sun.And slowly the appetite will re-assert itself, and you will come to esteem the Word of God more than your necessary food (Job -note) . (Ps 1-Spurgeon note) George Sweeting once said "Prayer is the "open sesame" to the Bible.(Tried by Fire - Exposition of 1 Peter - Long for the Pure Milk) Recommended Resource: ! Always begin your Bible reading with prayer for divine guidance.

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Do you remember how you responded when you received that letter? And when it did come, you blocked out everything, opened the envelope and devoured every word, every nuance, every innuendo, as you read the letter from your read it not just once but over and over and over.

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