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Bulevar revolucije online dating

Night line 304 goes as trolleybus line 28 (Makedonska - Svetogorska - Takovska - Jaše Prodanovića - Cvijićeva - Dimitrija Tucovića) and her next route is: Batutova - Bulevar kralja Aleksandra - Smederevski put - Profesora Vasića - Palih boraca - Miloša Obrenovića - Vinča - Miloša Obrenovića - Palih boraca - Profesora Vasića - Smederevski put - Kružni put - Ravan - Leštane - Ravan - Kružni put - Smederevski put - Put za Boleč - Maršala Tita - Jumbina - Boleč - Jumbina - Maršala Tita - Put za Boleč - Smederevski put - Put za Ritopek - Maršala Tita - Ritopek.

It is co-located with the active service trolleybus depot.Private carriers were introduced in 1990s after many strikes in GSP, which had the monopoly till then.There were many unsuccessful efforts by the city after 2000 to unify them into the same ticket system.Finally, in 2004 it was agreed that ITS (integrated tariff system) will be introduced.These 6 companies will carry the public transportation till 2012, when the City Government will decide whether GSP is going to remain the only transport company.

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Interestingly, tram line 2 (dva) is a circular line around the downtown, so often downtown is referred to as krug dvojke (the circle of line 2).

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