Bsd updating motd

Posted by / 04-Sep-2017 04:08

auparse_find_field(3) - search for field name auparse_find_field_next(3) - find next occurrence of field name auparse_first_field(3) - reposition field cursor auparse_first_record(3) - reposition record cursor auparse_flush_feed(3) - flush any unconsumed feed data through parser.

evdns_search_ndots_set(3) - asynchronous functions for DNS resolution.evdns_resolve_ipv4(3) - asynchronous functions for DNS resolution.evdns_resolve_reverse(3) - asynchronous functions for DNS resolution.du(1) - estimate file space usage du(1p) - estimate file space usage dump-acct(8) - print an acct/pacct file in human-readable format dump-utmp(8) - print a utmp file in human-readable format dumpe2fs(8) - dump ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem information dumpkeys(1) - dump keyboard translation tables dup(2) - duplicate a file descriptor dup(3p) - duplicate an open file descriptor dup2(2) - duplicate a file descriptor dup2(3p) - duplicate an open file descriptor dup3(2) - duplicate a file descriptor dup_field(3x) - create and destroy form fields duplocale(3) - duplicate a locale object duplocale(3p) - duplicate a locale object dupwin(3x) - create curses windows dynamic_field_info(3x) - retrieve field characteristics dysize(3) - get number of days for a given year top e2freefrag(8) - report free space fragmentation information e2fsck(8) - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system e2fsck.conf(5) - Configuration file for e2fsck e2image(8) - Save critical ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem metadata to a file e2label(8) - Change the label on an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem e2undo(8) - Replay an undo log for an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem e4crypt(8) - ext4 filesystem encryption utility e4defrag(8) - online defragmenter for ext4 filesystem eaccess(3) - check effective user's permissions for a file ecb_crypt(3) - fast DES encryption echo(1) - display a line of text echo(1p) - write arguments to standard output echo(3x) - curses input options echochar(3x) - add a character (with attributes) to a curses window, then advance the cursor echo_wchar(3x) - add a complex character and rendition to a curses window, then advance the cursor ecvt(3) - convert a floating-point number to a string ecvt_r(3) - convert a floating-point number to a string ed(1p) - edit text edata(3) - end of program segments edquota(8) - edit user quotas egrep(1) - print lines matching a pattern eject(1) - eject removable media elf(5) - format of Executable and Linking Format (ELF) files elfedit(1) - Update the ELF header of ELF files.ematch(8) - extended matches for use with "basic" or "flow" filters encrypt(3) - encrypt 64-bit messages encrypt(3p) - encoding function (CRYPT) encrypt_r(3) - encrypt 64-bit messages end(3) - end of program segments endaliasent(3) - read an alias entry endfsent(3) - handle fstab entries endgrent(3) - get group file entry endgrent(3p) - group database entry functions endhostent(3) - get network host entry endhostent(3p) - network host database functions endian(3) - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order endmntent(3) - get filesystem descriptor file entry endnetent(3) - get network entry endnetent(3p) - network database functions endnetgrent(3) - handle network group entries endprotoent(3) - get protocol entry endprotoent(3p) - network protocol database functions endpwent(3) - get password file entry endpwent(3p) - user database functions endrpcent(3) - get RPC entry endservent(3) - get service entry endservent(3p) - network services database functions endspent(3) - get shadow password file entry endttyent(3) - get ttys file entry endusershell(3) - get permitted user shells endutent(3) - access utmp file entries endutxent(3) - access utmp file entries endutxent(3p) - user accounting database functions endwin(3x) - curses screen initialization and manipulation routines env(1) - run a program in a modified environment env(1p) - set the environment for command invocation environ(3p) - array of character pointers to the environment strings environ(7) - user environment environment(5) - the environment variables config files environment.d(5) - Definition of user session environment envsubst(1) - substitutes environment variables in shell format strings envz(3) - environment string support envz_add(3) - environment string support envz_entry(3) - environment string support envz_get(3) - environment string support envz_merge(3) - environment string support envz_remove(3) - environment string support envz_strip(3) - environment string support epoll(7) - I/O event notification facility epoll_create(2) - open an epoll file descriptor epoll_create1(2) - open an epoll file descriptor epoll_ctl(2) - control interface for an epoll file descriptor epoll_pwait(2) - wait for an I/O event on an epoll file descriptor epoll_wait(2) - wait for an I/O event on an epoll file descriptor eqn(1) - format equations for troff or Math ML eqn2graph(1) - convert an EQN equation into a cropped image erand48(3) - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers erand48(3p) - random numbers erand48_r(3) - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers reentrantly erase(3x) - clear all or part of a curses window erasechar(3x) - curses environment query routines erasewchar(3x) - curses environment query routines erf(3) - error function erf(3p) - error functions erfc(3) - complementary error function erfc(3p) - complementary error functions erfcf(3) - complementary error function erfcf(3p) - complementary error functions erfcl(3) - complementary error function erfcl(3p) - complementary error functions erff(3) - error function erff(3p) - error functions erfl(3) - error function erfl(3p) - error functions err(3) - formatted error messages errno(3) - number of last error errno(3p) - error return value errno.h(0p) - system error numbers error(3) - glibc error reporting functions error::buildid(7stap) - build-id verification failures error::dwarf(7stap) - dwarf debuginfo quality problems error::fault(7stap) - memory access faults error::inode-uprobes(7stap) - limitations of inode-uprobes error::pass1(7stap) - systemtap pass-1 errors error::pass2(7stap) - systemtap pass-2 errors error::pass3(7stap) - systemtap pass-3 errors error::pass4(7stap) - systemtap pass-4 errors error::pass5(7stap) - systemtap pass-5 errors error::process-tracking(7stap) - process-tracking facilities are not available error::reporting(7stap) - systemtap error reporting error::sdt(7stap) - marker failures error_at_line(3) - glibc error reporting functions error_message_count(3) - glibc error reporting functions error_one_per_line(3) - glibc error reporting functions error_print_progname(3) - glibc error reporting functions errx(3) - formatted error messages ESCDELAY(3x) - curses global variables etext(3) - end of program segments ether_aton(3) - Ethernet address manipulation routines ether_aton_r(3) - Ethernet address manipulation routines ether_hostton(3) - Ethernet address manipulation routines ether_line(3) - Ethernet address manipulation routines ether_ntoa(3) - Ethernet address manipulation routines ether_ntoa_r(3) - Ethernet address manipulation routines ether_ntohost(3) - Ethernet address manipulation routines ethers(5) - Ethernet address to IP number database ethtool(8) - query or control network driver and hardware settings euidaccess(3) - check effective user's permissions for a file eval(1p) - construct command by concatenating arguments evbuffer_add(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evbuffer_add_buffer(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evbuffer_add_printf(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evbuffer_add_vprintf(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evbuffer_drain(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evbuffer_find(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evbuffer_free(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evbuffer_new(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evbuffer_read(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evbuffer_readline(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evbuffer_write(3) - execute a function when a specific event occurs evdns(3) - asynchronous functions for DNS resolution.

bsd updating motd-58bsd updating motd-47bsd updating motd-42