Baggs 11 adult chat sites

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Baggs 11 adult chat sites

It was the first wildlife statute but was not really enforced until 2008 when legislators from Oregon slipped an amendment into a large, mostly unread agricultural bill extending the coverage to include wood and wood products.

This was supposedly done to protect Oregon's logging industry but by the way it was written, it vaguely means that unless an owner of a wood product like a guitar, steak knife, flooring or even chop sticks can't prove that the wood was cut in accordance with all laws and verify the exact genus, species, and source of the wood, they could be fined, forfeit their instrument or floor, and face a possible prison sentence!

And believe it or not, there are only two government employees working for the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) that inspect import declarations. Murderers get let out of prison on technicalities and the Feds want to imprison guitarists! Actually, people have been saying that since ancient times and will still say it far into the future, at least until as Star Trek says, mankind will loose it's enthrallment with materialism and concentrate on furthering human consciousness.

If you rely on a manual lock or rubber band, the one time you forget to use it, will be the time your pet or child knocks it over! Broken headstocks can be repaired, but a professional job is expensive and lowers the potential resale of the guitar, bass, mandolin, sitar, etc.

Be careful with belt buckles, rivets on jeans, metal zippers and of course buttons.

Thousands of these go unread and go to a Government warehouse somewhere,(probably where the Ark is kept) and here's a quote from a Fish and Wildlife official. Not only where were your guitar parts from, including the pearl inlays, but what about the leather that your wallet and shoes were made from, and the steak knife handles, and rubber in you tires affects us, but where does it end? This is today, however, and money, which is what our society is based on, is in short supply.

You love guitars and the joy, inspiration, and relaxation that come from them.

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